landvaettir (landvaettir) wrote,

You do it to yourself

Why do women fear rape?

Well, this article might give you a clue.

The main article is about a seventeen year old girl who was gang-raped while drunk to unconsciousness. She was rescued by two other girls at the party, who witnessed a man having sex with her while she was unconscious and covered in vomit. One of the 8-10 men in the room told the witnesses "She got drunk and did this to herself".

No charges are being brought.

Mentioned in the comments is the case of the three men who videotaped themselves raping a girl. One pled guilty, and got a light sentence. Two pled innocent - and were found innocent.

Women fear rape not only because it's a horrible thing to happen to one, but because it's rarely punished, and you as the victim can be blamed for it. Not only were you violated, it was your fault.

"One of the eight suspended baseball players, pitcher Chris Knopf, told the San Jose Mercury News on Monday: “From the beginning, I kind of felt like it was a witch hunt and the De Anza players were victims, and not really this girl."

Yeah. The victim was not the seventeen year old who was gang raped. It was the people who haven't even been charged with it.

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