landvaettir (landvaettir) wrote,

Candles and stars

Things have been going well. I went to the theatre with Abi, and we made many interesting plans, some of which we may even execute. Was planning to go to hers and watch DVDs tonight, but the Victoria line's general inability to function has prevented me.
greeba came to visit, and it was lovely to see him again. We watched DVDs with the projector, as he refused to go out and play. Looking forward to him moving down to Guildford.
Went to see Phil, and instead of paying attention to him, read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows all evening. Must make up for that this weekend.

Got trapped in the bathroom for about forty minutes last night. The lock jammed. Most off-putting. Fortunately I had a book to read until it started working again. (for no apparent reason) And Ruthy gave me leftover chocolate cake from her party (we had to eat it! there was no room in the fridge!) so the evening was really quite acceptable as a whole, although I have a blister and a sore thumb now.

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