Dressed up as an extremely stripy pirate and went to see Pirates of the Caribbean.

Utterly crappy, I'm very disappointed.

But Fantastic Four looked pretty good, and Transformers looks AWESOME.

Brass Eye

WIkipedia describes David Blunkett as objecting to an episode of Brass Eye (but had not seen it either).

Well, he wouldn't, would he?


I'll be damned.

Related to the topic about penetration as a sexual verb a couple of weeks ago - the Spotted Hyena.

"Since it is impossible to penetrate without the female's cooperation, female hyena have full control over whom they choose to mate with."

From Wikipedia.


I have had half of one bottle of Cointreau and abigailb is judging me. And frankly I feel only RESPECT is due to someone who has drunk half a bottle of Cointreau and can still spell (and proofread) Cointreau and code their LJ coding correctly.
abigailb wishes to interject at this point. Aha! DENIED. You must examine her LJ for relevanct content, if you so desire.

Time to hit submit, and see if all the flowers are dead in my LJ garden.


Springfest was both exhausting and soul-destroying. If I could choose one word to describe our performance as a branch, it would be 'Half-assed'. (This may be two words.) The banquet was excellent, thanks to our chef, and the incidental food and drink was fine, due to our... incidental food and drink handlers. The costume for certain of our NPCs was superb, thanks to stellar makeup and wigs by the lovely cyniborg.

The rest was pretty poor, held together by luck and bullshit. We got lucky; people didn't notice the holes, and the things that could have gone catastrophically wrong, didn't. I had to wait until the last minute to find out tabard colours, which meant the tabards were scraggly messes, the dancing organizer wasn't briefed until the week before, which meant she had to spend all Saturday doing it. The plot was all over the shop. A lot of costumes were quite poor.
The whole thing was a source of disappointment. To me, there isn't much satisfaction in other people thinking you did a good job; these days I get my satisfaction knowing that I, and the team I work with, did the best we could under the circumstances.
And we didn't. Not by a very long shot.

Have ordered some new books from Amazon on tailoring and fit; I see a new frock coat for the long-suffering Phil coming up. (Yes, I know I said that after Springfest I would not sew for a while. That was before I experienced Life Without Deadlines and remembered I like sewing.)
And getting a very early night tonight should enable me to go to abigailb's housewarming, which I am hellbent on going to even if I can't make B-movie. (I am still cold-ridden, so exhaustion is really not helping. Thank goodness I took Tuesday off; I was awake for a whole seven hours that day.)

Just stop getting raped, women! It's up to you!

Aaaages ago, a meme went around talking about rape; it contained the advice that you shouldn't advise women on how to avoid rape. There was some discussion on this topic.

There's a very interesting piece on the topic here.

"Left to my own devices, I never would have been raped. The rapist was really the key component to the whole thing."

Mostly about food

Had a very nice weekend with Phil. We baked a cake. Then we ate it. I have been re-arranging my fabric, and doing sewing for Springfest. It is very boring, and makes my back ache. After Springfest, I will not sew for a while.
Yesterday was a good day; had a training day, had sushi for lunch in the sun, and went for cocktails in the evening. And today I had more training, finished at half-three, and am now eating calamari. It is not quite as nice as restaurant calamari, but there is a lot more of it. More sewing later. Bah.